jet ski bill form

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Forms

A “Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form” is a legal document that showcases the terms of references that the two parties that engage in the sale and purchase of a jet ski have to adhere to in the course of their transactions. The conditions generally stipulate that the prospective buyer makes a security deposit, inspects the equipment, and negotiate a sale. The security deposit is deducted from the final amount of sale. As part of these conditions, the buyer commits to purchase the equipment ‘as is.

What a ‘standard bill of sale’ should include:

a.) Name and address of the seller (who currently owns and is disposing of the equipment).

b.) Name and address of the buyer (who is desirous of acquiring the equipment going forward)

c.) The effective date when the equipment is to change hands officially.

Jet Ski Particulars:

Make: the make of the jet ski, i.e. the firm that manufactures the equipment

Model: The exact name of the product (model)

Year of the manufacture: This is the year when the jet ski in question was made

Full Identification: Number, i.e. the number that uniquely distinguishes the hull of your jet ski from the others

Color of the jet ski

The number of Strokes/Cylinders: This refers to the power of the engine expressible in the number of cylinders or the number of strokes generated by the engine.

Displacement (cc): Refers to the total volume of space that is sweepable by the engine in one swoop. The metric is expressed in cubic centimeters.

Any Damages: These are the damages that may exist on the Jet Ski as it is at the moment.

Odometer Reading: The total distance covered by the ski in its lifetime. It gives you a rough clue on just how long you may use the gadget going forward.

Registration Number: How the relevant authorities register the vehicle. This number is unique and limited to the equipment alone.

Bill of Sale Form

    Tips for Buyer and Seller

    Purchase Price: The amount of money for which the commodity is to be sold to the buyer. It is subject to the discounts and sales tax and is hence not final.

    Date of Payment: This is the ultimatum when the final installment ought to have been paid by the buyer in question.

    Security deposit amount: Before the purchase process is commenced, the buyer has to inspect the equipment. This inspection is allowed only after a security deposit is paid.

    Inspection Period: The dates when the inspection has to start and end plus the total amount of time when the inspection is to last.

    Signatures of the buyer and the seller: Both parties to the agreement have to append their signatures on the purchase agreement.

    Dates of Signatures: These were the exact sates when the signatures we have talked above were appended

    Seek professional services during the inspection: As a buyer, you are advised to seek professional services when inspecting the equipment before purchase. The typical jet ski is too complicated to be able to understand just like that. Let the expert guide you through each step of the journey from start to finish.

    Negotiate prices as lowly as possible: Do not shy away from negotiating prices as lowly as possible. You want to spend the least amount of money to come by your jet ski as a buyer. Find any other loophole that can bring down your purchase costs as lowly as possible.

    Leverage, the ‘as is’ condition: If you happen to be a buyer, you should make maximum use of the ‘as is’ condition. This is a sales regime that aims to safeguard you wholesomely from any issues that may arise in the equipment shortly after purchase. You do not want to incur any unnecessary liabilities, would you?

    Insist on a warranty: Yet again as a buyer, you want to insist on the warranty. Even after inspecting your property thoroughly, the chances are that there could still be issues that exist. To spare yourself from such issues and the losses that come ordinarily after that, you have to seek a warranty.

    Make use of Trusted Witnesses: Both parties, buyers, and sellers have to make use of trusted witnesses when effecting a purchase. These witnesses will generally vouch for the sale of the jet ski and stand to aid with any litigation that arises after that. These witnesses may also aid with carrying background checks and other issues that surround a purchase.