free printable halloween award certificate templates

Halloween Award Certificates – 5+ Templates for Microsoft Word

Halloween parties are all about having fun.Therefore, when planning for a Halloween party for your school, organizations,home, community, club or even office you should aim at making the party as much fun as possible. Moreover, the more participation you elicit from the attendees at the party, then the more likely you are to have a successful party. Offering Halloween award certificates for the participants in the party makes the contests and games at the Halloween party more exciting, makes the participants pay more attention to designing their costumes and gives the winners of the various categories bragging rights.

Our Halloween Award Certificate templates created in Microsoft® Word are the perfect choice to increase fun at your party during the Halloween season. We offer a range of five Halloween-themed certificates. Whether you are having a contest for the most creative costume,scariest costume, most treats collected during trick or treat or even the funniest costume, our range of free Halloween certificate costumes are the best choice for you.

Free Halloween Award Certificates

Free Halloween Award Certificate for Word


Free Halloween Costume Awards


Printable Halloween Certificates


Blank Certificate - Halloween


Halloween certificate for the most creative costume


The templates are Halloween-themed and thus you can use them every year during Halloween season or during any fall-themed event. The templates are highly customizable and will allow you to develop various categories for awards during your Halloween party by changing the name of the award at the placeholder at the top of the template. In the middle of the template, you can insert the name of the recipient of the particular category. You can also insert more details into the certificate by adding placeholders for such entries as the date and name of the event or the venue of the event. Our templates also offer more customization by changing the types of borders, background color or even inserting watermarks into the background. Moreover, you can also choose to change the font styles used in different placeholders to fit your taste and preferences. You can resize the Halloween Award Certificate templates to fit the size of the paper on which you will be printing the certificates.

In addition to using the templates as certificates, you can also elect to use the templates to design invitations to your Halloween party. Other uses include creating greeting cards, and banners for Halloween parties. Moreover, you can also choose to add photos to the template to make the certificates more personal for the recipients. When it comes to increasing the fun at your Halloween party and making your party an event to remember, our range of Halloween themed costumes is the solution for you.

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